Pasta Bridges

Q: Can clay alone be used to create the 2.5 cm bridge height?
A: No. Clay is used for stability only, not to add height.

Q: If a strand of long pasta on the bridge breaks during the loading, but the bridge is otherwise intact and the cup is still on the bridge, can loading continue or is the bridge a failure once any piece of pasta breaks?
A: If the cup is still on the bridge, the bridge is still operational and holding the load, loading can continue.

Q: Does the bridge have to be 2.5 cm wide and 2.5 cm high at all points?
A: The bridge must be at least 2.5 cm wide and at least 2.5 cm high at the highest point. The cup is placed at the highest point.

Q: Can the bridge be 2.5 cm in “height” below the wooden supports (an inverted truss)?
A: No. The bridge must be built above the wooden supports.

Q: Is it OK if the students touch the cup with their hand when loading it?
A: No. Once the cup is placed after measurements, it cannot be touched or adjusted. We recommend that the students practice placing the cup before the the measuring and loading process.