Gene-ius Magnetic Chromosome Kit


I am coaching for “Gene-ius”. I recently got the new karyotype model for practice and noticed that we were given 72 chromosomes on the magnetic sheet to cut out, however, on the content sheet it says that we are supposed to have 75 chromosomes. I was just wondering if this was a typo on the sheet, or if I am missing a piece of the set? Thanks

Correction to the content list in the Magnetic Chromosome Kit Guide:

·     Magnetic chromosomes (ideograms of G-banded human chromosomes) – The kit initially comes with one magnetic sheet containing 72 chromosomes (3 each of autosomes 1 to 22, 3 X’s and 3 Y’s). Individual chromosomes will need to be cut out of this sheet (easy to do with a pair of good scissors). Extra chromosomes are included in order to simulate trisomies and in case of the loss of a chromosome.