Partners Necessary?

Comment: Will a lone student (2nd Grade) be able to effectively compete in To Infinity and Beyond ?

We are under the impression Infinity and Beyond used to need 2 students to compete. One student holds the red flash light inside the planetarium when the other writes answers.
We do not see such reference in the 2019 Event Description here, but the Summary Description (attached) goes like this
“A team of two students will demonstrate their observational skills in a planetarium or using planetarium simulation software, and be tested on their knowledge of astronomy using a written test.”
Answer: Although we do encourage having a team of students learning and answering together, there is no need for 2 participants, as the clipboard with the answer sheet will have a small red light attached to it. Learning to work cooperatively with a partner is one of the NGSS standards that can be practiced while learning and participating in Science Olympiad.