back-to-back events?

Q: How are students who have back-to-back events handled? What is the procedure to get them from one event to the next?

A: Students who have events within the academic area (all events except Hang Time and On Target) will exit the academic area after each event. Students who have back-to-back events can be met by a parent at the exit point and return to the check-in table to check in for their next event. Students who check in at the start time of an event, or slightly after the start time, will be led directly to their room by a volunteer.

Hang Time and On Target take place in a different part of the building from the rest of the events. If you have a back-to-back event between one of those two events and one of the events in the academic area, you may be late to your second event. Talk to your head coach to decide on a plan of action – he or she can contact us to discuss the issue further to see if there is a resolution available.

The check-in location and exit points from the academic area will be posted in the building.