To Infinity and Beyond!

Q: In to Infinity and Beyond Study Criteria it says “Be able to work out distance = speed x time, with scientific notation”. Can you clarify how detailed this needs to be and at what level? Are we talking a basic understanding of a DST triangle, reading a velocity/time graph, something on the cosmic distance ladder? And when you say “scientific notation” to what do you refer? D = S x T?
A: The kind of question that I’m going to be asking is given in this example: (4th and 5th grades only) The Spitzer Space Telescope is 1.5*109 m away from the Earth.  If light travels at the speed of 3.0*108 m/s, how long will it take for a radio signal to travel to the Spitzer Space Telescope and back? Then, from this, one needs to rearrange the equation to use the total distance that the light traveled (there and back), divided by the speed of light, to get the time. The scientific notation part refers to being able to use the notation 3.0*108 for 300,000,000, etc.