Back to Nature: Geology Rocks

Comment: Question for Back To Nature Event:
Sorry to belabor this mineral table topic, but please indulge me.
Will the provided table be:
(1) completely filled out, and the students are expected to pick a mineral that matches the of classification criteria.
(2) partially filled out, and the students would be expected to estimate the real hardness of a mineral (because it’s not provided on the table).

A. Students will:
1. Test the mineral properties and answer questions about them (e.g. what is the hardness of this mineral?)
2. Once they have determined all the mineral properties, they will use their findings and the provided table (similar to the one in the mineral kit) to identify the mineral.
Using the table in the mineral kit as an example, if a student determines that the mineral has the following properties:
– Color: black
– Luster: metallic
– Streak: black
– Hardness: less than 2.5,
 then the mineral will be graphite.