On Target

Q:  How tall is the target? How do the kids sight where it is?
We have been practicing with a 1 inch post it note circle on the floor and the kids can’t see it without me putting a pencil there (like a golf flag)…
A: That  is a good question.   The target is just a dot on the floor,

so the kids won’t be able to see it.
We do have an orange traffic cone that the range judges will put
on top of the target so the students can aim at it.   It stays there until
the students indicate they have finished aiming (or until the judges
are ready to observe the next launch).     So, it serves a dual role.
One to provide an aiming point, and the other to indicate that the
judges are ready.
You may need to help your students discover why they don’t need
to be able to see the target during the launch itself.   Also why they
don’t need to see the missile impact in order to know how they missed
the target.
For younger students, it might be useful for them to have an index
card that represents a view from above of the range area.   A dot
in the center can represent the target, and a vertical and horizontal
line through the dot can divide the card into the four quadrants.
Help them figure out how to mark a number in the appropriate quadrant
for each of the six launches so they will have a picture of how their
landing change for each launch.