Map Reading

Q: I am coaching 4th-grade map reading. I had a question regarding the kind of ruler the kids will be provided for the competition – will it be a standard 12-inch ruler with 1/8th of an inch as the smallest interval or would they be given an Engineer’s ruler with 0.1 inches as the minimum interval? What degree of accuracy would you expect in the answers?
A: I will be providing a standard 12-inch ruler with 1/8th inch as the smallest interval. The degree of accuracy expected will be provided in the question (e.g. Find the distance to the nearest 100 meters). Please make sure that they listen to the instructions at the start of the test.
Q: In the past, the story woven through the questions have been too detailed and time-consuming. Students got bogged down in following it and didn’t have enough time to get through and answer all questions. Will the format be the same as in the past?
A: Yes, the format will be the same as in the past. The reason is that if the kids are going to move on to the middle and high school levels, the event Road Scholars has a story problem format. I just want to prepare them/show them how the questions might be (albeit the questions being much easier in Map Reading). The key is to not read too heavily into the story and to just focus on the question and the details around it to solve it.