Back-to-Back events, leaving early from an event

Q: My child has back to back events. Can he leave 5 mins early from his first event (GENE-ius) so that he has time to run downstairs and check in for the second one? His teammates can continue finishing up the last 5 minutes of the first event.

A: Your child may leave an event early, with one exception: it is not possible to leave the planetarium during the dome test. If a child leaves an event early, he must let the supervisor know he is going to leave early, and is responsible for knowing when to leave, e.g. wearing a watch. The supervisor is not responsible for helping or reminding a student who wants to leave early. When the student leaves the room in the academic area, he will be shown how to exit the academic area by hallway volunteers, and parents can meet him at the exit and escort him back to the check-in table for the next event.

Exit locations for the academic events will be posted near the academic events check-in table.