No Bones About It

Question: What do kids need to write for the fractures? Especially 3rd graders. Do they need to write the fracture type (transverse etc) of the bone along with open/closed/displaced/non-displaced? Is proximal or distal required too? Will they be given just the X-rays to identify the fractures? Thanks!

Response: Participants will be given either an actual x-ray film or an x-ray picture of a fracture and asked to identify it.  Actual X-ray films will be very clear to see by using direct daylight. The terminology for the identification used in Slides # 18 to #20 in the study guide refer to bone fracture adjectives and are often used together to describe and classify fractures. Students should be as descriptive as they possibly can be with regard to the picture or x-ray of a bone fracture.  The questions are clear when multiple descriptors are needed.  These questions could be used as a tie-breaker questions and the most specific, thorough description would get the extra point. However, defining whether the fracture is proximal or distal is neither needed nor expected.