Pasta Bridges

Question 1. Per rules the cup has to be placed at “highest point.” Does the clay count as a high point or is it the upper most piece of pasta?
Answer 1. The high point will be the pasta, not the clay.  The clay cannot be used to add height or width to a bridge.
Question 2. Will the students have a (test) beaker and ruler to use during the construction portion competition?
Answer 2.  There will be a beaker and a ruler at each station and the beaker will be the one used for loading.
Question 3. Are the students allow to put their fingers inside the beaker when loading it?
Answer 3. Yes, but they cannot touch any part of the beaker or its contents once placed and loading begins.
Question 4. Are the students allowed to replace pasta pieces with new ones during the construction? ie a piece is bent or broken or different shape desired.
Answer 4. Each team will have an opportunity, before time begins, to swap out any long pasta they seam unfit.  The teams get to pick the shaped pasta from a selection provided. Once the building starts, there will be no swapping out of pasta allowed.
Question 5. What is the reason for room temperature water being available during the competition?
Answer 5.  Some teams use the water to wet the clay or pasta with their design and building.  It is completely optional to use the water or not.