Pasta Bridges

Q: Can the bridge be diagonal?
A: Yes.
Q: Can the teams break their long pasta into shorter sections?
A: Yes
Q: Can teams construct two diagonal bridges with the loading cup in the center?
A: Yes, as long as the bridge meets all height and width requirements (minimum of 2.5 cm high and 2.5 cm wide at the narrowest section)
Q: Can water be used to dampen the pasta?
A: Yes
Q: If a piece of pasta falls off the bridge during the loading phase, but the bridge has not collapsed and the cup is still on the bridge, is that considered a bridge failure?
A: No. If the cup is still on the bridge and the bridge is still operational and holding the load, loading can continue.
Q: Will pennies be consistent in weight?
A: Yes, as much as possible. We will use post-1982 pennies at competition.
Q:. At the orientation, the bridge support was presented as two layers of MDF glued together to form a 2×4. The details for the Bridge support located [on this page] states it is constructed of pine. What will be the material used at the competition?
A: The bridge supports at competition will be identical to the bridge support shown at the training session.
Q. What years pennies will be used? Per 1982 copper at 2.5g each? Post 1982 Zinc pennies at 3.11 grams each? Some other penny?
A: Post-1982 pennies will be used at the competition.