Q&A and updated/new documents for The Human Machine

Please visit the event page for The Human Machine to find an updated detailed event description (supervisor name has been updated); an updated muscular/skeletal guide with a corrected question/answer (see below); and the slides from the January 29 coach workshop.

Some notes from the workshop:

Study Guide Correction: There is an incorrect answer to the sample practical station question in the Muscular and Skeletal Study Guide (first version posted). The question and answer should read as follows: Where is the injury located (what bone(s) is/are involved)? Radius. This correction has been made and the study guide updated. See above.

Q: What type of teamwork are you expecting among the students?

A: There is only one answer sheet per team. You want a team who can come in and work together without arguing. Work with your team to find strategies to successfully navigate the correct answer. You might want to assign a team leader. Aim for a positive and collaborative working environment.

Q: Are parents and coaches in the room during the event?

A: No, it will just be the students working in groups. Event supervisors and other event volunteers will be present.

Q: Do all teams receive the same tests?

A: Yes, so tell the kids not to discuss answers out loud afterwards

Q: Do we need to know more than what is in the study guide?

A: No, focus on the study guide. It is very comprehensive. Students will be expected to apply the information they learn from the study guide to questions.

Q: How will the practical portion work? What type of identification will be required for the bones/muscles?

A: There will be 3 to 5 stations all of which will have a model, diagram, video or some type of physical prompt representing a concept theme. There will be several questions (written in their tests as well as posted at the station) pertaining to the theme of that station. If asked to identify a bone or muscle, only those on the study guide list will be used. Three dimensional models may be used but nothing that could not be translated from a two dimensional image. (We expect most students will be using images to study). No real tissue samples will be used.

Q: Does everyone get access to a text book?

A: Each school is provided with one copy of the book. The Head Coach of each school should have picked it up on 1/29.