To Infinity and Beyond

Q: What time is stellarium set to?
A: Planetarium Date set to April Sky instead of May (9:15 pm)
Q: What type of Scientific calculators?
A: Preferably with exponents and square roots
Q: Is it okay to request to use the Planetarium at the Natural History Museum?
A: No – WESO will have a workshop for all teams.
Q: Which constellations should 5th graders need to know?
A: 5th Graders only need to know the constellations included on the study guide
Q: Which software should coaches use for practice?
A: We recommend Stellarium, Stellarium app, Sky Guide (app), Quizlet
Q: Do teams need to know how planets got their names?
A: Teams only need to know that names came mostly from mythology (not a big focus)
Q: How long for written portion?
A: approximately 15-20 min (Progressively more questions for each grade so it will take longer)
Q: Does Sky have lines in the planetarium?
A: No
Q: What topics should be prioritized?
A: Phases of the moon, Constellations, Zodiac symbols, Seasons