Anatomy of Human Cells

Comment: Hi, for The Human Machine, the Study Guide provided includes a picture titled “Anatomy of Human Cells.” The picture has various TYPES of human cells…not actually the breakdown of what is inside a human cell. Is the title misleading? Should it be changed to “Types of Human Cells?” We want to teach the concept correctly to the students but are concerned that they may get an exam question wrong if it is based on this diagram provided. Thanks for your clarification.
Response: Thank you for your comment. The picture in the study guide was included to illustrate that there are different types of human cells.  Teams will not be asked to identify human cells in any way (visually or with a description). They do not need to know any of the specific cell types in the diagram but do need to understand that a cell is the smallest functional unit in the human body and that there are many different kinds that carry out specific functions and combine to make specific tissue types.