Q & A What Went By?

Q. How many questions will be on the test?
A. ~25 questions
Q. What units will measurement be in?
A. Imperial, since this is what the guide books use
Field guide and notes rules: Students should bring their own guide book; limited field guides will be available, but not guaranteed. Pages should not be marked with notes or flagged. Outside notes are not allowed. We suggest coaches spend time helping students recognize the color for mammals and reptiles/amphibians on the page end in the Kaufman guide and the table of contents coloring and quick guide at the front of the Mammals of Michigan guide – this should help students quickly use the field guide for identification.
Range maps: Students should understand whether animals can be found across all of Michigan or Southeast Michigan.
Q. Will spelling affect scores?
A. No, spelling will not affect scores as long as judges can understand what the student is intending to communicate.