1. Are questions related to Binary and decimal conversions, only about binary to decimal and decimal to binary conversion? The study material provided talks about conversion to hexadecimal.

–> Yes. No other number systems will be used on the test.

2. Do the children need to know hexadecimal conversions?
–> No
2b.  Apart from binary and decimal conversion questions, are there questions related to use of binary etc which needs describing the answers rather than doing a calculation?
–> Yes, they have to show steps for conversion.
3. Is adding binary numbers in scope?
–> No
4. Are the children required to use a specific browser when they have to type in the url to open the test questions? Will the browser shortcut be on the desktop or toolbar or do they need to open using programs?
–> We will use whatever browser is available on Pioneer computers (Chrome or Firefox). Students will have to type in the URL provided to them. There will be a short cut to the browser.
4b. What type of computer is provided to them? Is it a desktop or a laptop? Apple vs Microsoft?
–> Desktop and Mac (I am not aware of any recent changes)
5. Are they required to use any flowcharting tool during the event or is it only paper?
–> No. They will draw on paper.
6. For the scratch program, Section C, do they need to write down their algorithm on paper before they code the scratch program?
–> No
7.For section C, Will they get points for the algorithm if they don’t write it down on paper but the program is coded to show a proper algorithm?
–> Yes