Write It/Build It, Q & A

Questions from the Coaches’ Meeting

1. Is there a word limit to what the writers can write? Can both writers write independently and turn both sets of instructions in?

Answer: Yes

    2. Can we see examples of “pictures” from past years?

Answer: WESO Policy does not allow sharing old tests

   3. What do the students learn in this event besides learning to speak clearly?


  • Technical writing for clarity and understanding.
  • Ability to understand and follow written instructions.
  • Teamwork, collaboration, leadership.
  • They learn how to follow event procedures and rules.
  • They gain experience of performing in a competitive environment.
  • They will make new friends.
  • They will learn things from one another that they cannot learn from adults, or “at least not the same way”. (how to communicate effectively, how to deal with pressure, stress and new situations for example)
  • They will see the value of fun learning and collaboration in real time.
  • They will build a sense of self-worth and become part of the WESO community!

4. Can you explain the scoring?

Answer: See event description

5. Do the students need to write on the lines? For example, can they write words in different locations on the page?

Answer: Writers must write all instructions in English horizontally across the page from left to right.

There can be lists, bullet points, etc but the writing should not be sporadically written on the page or vertically on the page. Word art is not allowed.

6.  Can you give examples of some common mistakes?

Answer: Wrong orientation of the picture, missing TOP and missing School name

7. Can the builders fold the paper?

Answer: No

   8. Will the paper be wide ruled or college ruled?

Answer: wide ruled

9. Who decides about  who in the team will be a builder or a writer?

Answer: The team and the coach will figure that out.

10. Will there be extra items in the bag?

Answer: No extra items will be in the bag.

11. What is a “picture”?

Answer: The “picture” is a designed layout of individual objects installed on a flat surface. Objects will be scattered on the flat surface. Some can be stacked.

12.  Is the “picture” like a sculpture?

Answer: No.  The “picture” is a designed layout of individual objects installed on a flat surface.

13. What is the frequency of stacking objects?

Answer: It varies.

14. How small is the smallest object.

Answer: We always add new objects and the size of the smallest can vary each year. We have had items as small as a bottle cup, to give an idea.

15. Is Scoring difficult?

Answer: Scoring takes time.

Scoring: The team that builds the picture nearest to the original is declared the winner. For each object one point will be given if placed in the proper location, one point for orientation and one point for relativity to other objects.

Tie Break Criteria: A selection of pre-determined items will be doubled in points. The items will be the same for all teams. The score after doubling points will be used to break a tie in a placement.



  1. Can you level up a student?

Answer: Refer to your head coach for info. Yes.

Please also see: https://wesoscience.org/grade-level-participation-faq/



  1. Will the writers and builders see each other?

Answer: Most likely not. However, if it happens verbal or other kinds of communication are not allowed in passing between the writers and the builders.