Hang Time

Q:   Is there a specific guideline as to how the payload should be attached to the rocket? Does the rocket need to have a special payload compartment? Will the students or the judges place the payload on the rocket?

A:   It is up to the team how they would like to “attach” their payload.  The payload does not have to be physically attached to the rocket body.  A payload compartment is permissible but not required.  An Event Supervisor, or their delegate, will assist the team in mounting their rocket on the launcher. Once mounted, team members are responsible for making final adjustments to the rocket and payload.
Remember that scoring is based on how long the payload stays aloft.  Time will start at the launch command “go” (1, 2, 3, Go) and stopped when any part of the payload or payload assembly (not the rocket) touches the room (wall, floor) or any object in the room (launch assembly, person, etc.).