2021 Monthly Themes & Materials

Each month, January thru May 2021 will carry a WESO theme made up of a combination of past WESO events. Each week, Hands-On Activities and Learning  Modules to each school’s head coach and links will be posted below. The Learning Modules will include the content students will be learning and the Hands-On Activities will help to reinforce the lessons. Students will earn credit for each hands-on activity by sharing a photo of their completed project with their school’s head coach. 

January Theme: Trending Today!

Trending Today! Materials List

Trending Today! Theme Description

Week 1 Presentation: Click here to access this week’s Learning Modules and Hands-On Activities. Be sure to view in Presentation Mode by pressing the “Present” button in the upper right corner of the screen. All necessary links are contained within the presentation. Have fun learning about data!

Week Two: Plotting One Thing at a Time (learning modules and hands-on materials will be sent to head coaches on January 17)

Week Three: The Plot Thickens! (learning modules and hands-on materials will be sent to head coaches on January 24)

February Theme: All About You!

March Theme: We Can Build It!

April Theme:

Light Your Way to the Moon and Back!

May Theme: Back To Nature!

WESO 2021 FAQ: This document will contain more specific information about WESO 2021 and will be updated weekly. Team specific questions should be directed to your school’s head coach and event related questions may be sent to: weso.science@gmail.com. Answers will be posted on the WESO 2021 Blog. Submit your email in the box on the right side of this page to receive WESO 2021 blog updates.