Read It, Build It: Identifying “top”.

*This blog post was sent previously with the incorrect event name referenced. Please note this question applies to the event READ IT, BUILD IT.

Q1: If the instructions state to fold the paper in half, does the team write “TOP” at the top of the paper, and the name of their school, prior to folding the paper? If so, “TOP” and the name of their school would no longer be visible, correct?

A1: There is a foundation sheet of paper upon which the “picture” will be built. This is the only paper that will require writing.

Q2: Are the instructions to write “TOP” and the name of their school included in the instructions or should the team just know to do that?

A2: Per the event description, any teams not identified will not receive a score. We strongly encourage coaches to instruct their teams to be sure their school name and the top of the paper is clearly identified. However, on the day of the event there will be a verbal reminder before the competition begins.