Read It/Build It: Foundation Paper; “Top” of the paper; “Build Space” definition.

Q: Please define “foundation paper”? Is it going to be different then the one on which the picture is supposed to be constructed?

A: The foundation paper is the surface upon which the teams will construct their picture.

Q: You have answered about writing “TOP” at the top of the paper but there is still ambiguity. If there is only one paper, how is TOP defined, especially if the instructions say to fold that paper?

A: Before the build phase begins, teams will be told whether the build surface (foundation paper) should be in the landscape or portrait orientation. From there the teams will identify the top of the build surface. The build surface (foundation paper) will not be folded.

Q: It is mentioned “Teams are responsible for writing the NAME of the SCHOOL VISIBLY on the build space. Please clearly define “build space”, is it the paper on which the picture is to be constructed?

A: Build Space is the space where the teams will construct their picture. It has been referred to as Foundation Paper, Build Surface. We apologize for any confusion as this is the first year for Read It; Build It, we have not yet solidified our terms. When the teams arrive, the competition space will be set and the build space will be clearly indicated. We thank you for your questions and patience.