Pentathlon: Math Problem Process

We have been informed by Pioneer High School that we are not allowed to place tables and chairs on the court area of the gym where Pentathlon is taking place. In order to accommodate this, the students will be asked to complete their math problem sitting on the floor following the completion of their physical activity. They will be given their math problem on a piece of paper on a clipboard. They are only allowed one minute to complete their problem. That one minute will begin when they pick up the clipboard. When they pick up their clipboard, one of the official timekeepers will flip over the one minute sand timer so the participant can keep track of their time. When they have finished their problem, they should put the clipboard on the ground. This will indicate that they are finished and the timekeeper will verbally signal to the next participant that they can start their physical activity. If they have not finished their problem in one minute as determined by the emptying of the sand timer, the timekeeper will automatically signal to the next participant to go. If they have recorded an answer at the end of the one minute, it will be graded.

Pentathlon Preview video will be posted on Friday by midnight!