Q1. Will there be a sufficient number of stickers available so that students do not need to rely on using markers at all for the competition?

A1: Yes. Teams should also make sure their Ozobot is fully charged and also perform a calibration to ensure it is performing optimally

Q2: How much will the students be penalized for using the stickers? Is it only when breaking ties? For example, if they complete the competition using stickers, will their scores be considered without any penalty?

A2: Correct, the stickers are only used for breaking ties.

Q3.  Sometimes the Ozobot Evo cannot recognize color codes consistently: it requires running it a few times.  How is judging done?  Is it run over the solution sheet just once for scoring?

A3: Scoring is done with another Ozobot. The judges test the solution at least 2 times to confirm consistency. In cases where the Ozobot performs erratically, judges will still assign points if the solution, as drawn, makes sense given the stated problem.

Q4: Will the students have a certain amount of time to complete each section or just 45 minutes to do everything?

A4:No order of sections is required or necessary. Students can start any section any time.

Q5: I would like to do a practice run of the event. Are you able to tell me how many questions will be in Sections A and B, so I draft an accurate practice event?

A5: 5-8 multiple choice in Section A, 2-3 questions in Section B, 1 experimental question in Section C.

Q6: The example section C, which is the same as the Skills Check 2, only uses a few codes to put in the beginning? But I am assuming any of the codes in the pacing lessons are up for grabs?  And it could be something more along the lines of Skills Check 1, where they are given a sentence and the Ozobot needs to do what the sentence says?

A6: Correct. Section C could be a combination that involves multiple skill check areas from advised content.