Map Reading

Q1:Will there be paper available? My students have been marking the scale on paper, then using that paper to measure.

A1: We will have scrap paper available for the kids.

Q2: Can students split up, or should they stay together?

A2: All members of a team have to stick together. This is because some schools may only have one child per team and it would not be fair for them. 

Q3: Will they have any time to look around the room at the maps before the question timer starts, or will they have to budget time to see what maps are in the room?

A3: They will not be able to look around before the timer starts.

Q4: Will they ever need to flip a map over? I ask because sometimes on road maps the title, index, or distance chart is on the reverse side.

A4: They will not need to flip the maps. Distance charts will be printed and displayed separately. 

Q5: How close do they need to come in terms of miles or kilometers to get distance questions correct?

A5: Within 5 miles or kilometers.  For tiebreaker questions, the team that is closest will get the extra point.