On Target

Q1: Do they only have time to build their rockets at the beginning, and then they do all of their launches, or do they build rockets between launches?

A1: The team will get a short orientation once they are all signed in for the event.  The team will then take a quiz if they are a 4th or 5th grade team. After the quiz they will go to the build area where they will build ALL of their rockets. Once they have built them they will then proceed to the launch area. There will be no going back to the build tables.

Q2: If they build all of their rockets at the beginning, what are they allowed to adjust on their rockets between launches?

A2: There is no allowance for major adjustments of rockets during the launch phase. They can adjust the launcher as needed. 

Q3: How many rockets do they build?  Do they have to build 6 rockets (one for each launch)?  Is there a minimum/maximum number?

A3: Yes they MUST build 6 rockets. (this is in the detailed description which I encourage every coach\team to read). There is plenty of time even with teams of 1 to build. We do not pressure the teams at the build tables. We let them take their time.

Q4: Are fins required on the rockets or can the Olympians launch missiles without fins? The rules do not say they are, but I wanted to confirm.

A4: Fins are not required.

Q5: The test is multiple choice and will indicate if more than one answer is possible?

A5: If there is more than one answer to a question, the question will read “please circle all answers that apply”

Q6: Is there a time limit on the test or the build/launch sequences?

A6: There is a soft limit of 30 minutes for the whole event, but again we do not pressure the teams at any point and we have never had any issues with time. We want them to have the time needed to take the quiz and build and launch.