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Questions: I am going to be coaching iCompute for 4th grade Emerson students and was hoping to have some basic information provided. I just volunteered since they were unable to find a coach so I missed any previous meetings. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Answer: All relevent information can be found at

Gravity Racers

Q. I am a coach for the Gravity Racers. One quick clarification so I can help the students practice: where is the racer launched on the ramp? Is this a marked line or can it be chosen by the students for each of their individual launches?

A. Where they start the racer is one of the 2 variables students can use to modify the distance traveled, the other being the angle of the ramp.

Raffle Fundraiser signup now available



Raffle Event: Each year the WESO organization conducts a raffle fundraiser on the day of Science Olympiad.  Raffle proceeds are used to fund workshops, open events, learning tools allocated to schools, and to fund general WESO expenses.

Your School’s Raffle Basket Contribution: Each participating school is required to participate in the raffle by contributing a themed basket with a fair market value of $100 or more.  This minimum threshold allows us to keep the ticket prices consistent with previous years (1 ticket – $5; 3 tickets – $10 and 7 tickets – $20). Themes can be anything you wish such as: family game night; movie night, Go Blue! gourmet, gardening, etc…

NO firearms, fireworks, alcohol or tobacco products.  Think family and school friendly items!

This is an important fundraiser and your school’s participation is critical to its success.

School Level Raffle Coordinator’s Responsibilities

  • Each school will designate a Raffle Coordinator. This person will log onto the SignUp Genius link and indicate their school’s basket theme. If Raffle Coordinators are targeting businesses for donations please plan on adding that information on the SignUp Genius to reduce overlap.

SignUp Genius:

  • Raffle Coordinators are to sign up no later than April 24 , 2019 with their basket’s theme and description.
  • Your team is responsible for delivery of your basket to the raffle site at Pioneer H.S. during Science Olympiad event SET UP the EVENING BEFORE the event (Friday May 10, 2019 between 5:00 pm -7:00 pm) Please only in special circumstances can an alternate hand off time/location can be scheduled. Please make prior arrangements with Renee McKeone, raffle coordinator.
  • All baskets should wrapped/sealed if necessary and ready for auction. (We will not have supplies available to do this.)

Please direct any questions or concerns that you may have to:

2019 WESO  Raffle Coordinator
Renee McKeone

Thank you in advance for helping to make this year’s raffle fundraiser a success!



When given a DNA coding sequence, are the fifth graders required to transcribe that into RNA before translating that again (using RNA) in order to find the sequence needed to find the different proteins?
For example, if they’re given the sequence TAC GCC ACT, can they use the codon table to translate into amino acids directly from AUG CGG UGA, or do they have to go an additional step and translate AUG CGG UGA into UTC GCC ACU, before going to the amino acids? Sorry for any confusion!



Fifth grade teams should understand the relationship and transfer of information from DNA to RNA to amino acid sequence.  All information provided would contain the relevant information needed such as directionality of the sequence (5’ to 3’ or 3’ to 5’) or template vs coding stand.  If asked to provide the RNA sequence, they would need to provide the correct RNA sequence as produced from transcription from the template strand. In the example provided in the question, the RNA sequence, UTC GCC ACU, would not be the correct answer assuming the original DNA sequence, TAC GCC ACT, is the template strand (3’ to 5”).  The only correct RNA sequence would be AUG CGG UGA.  The codon table in the study guide will also be used during the event and is DNA to amino acids, so they will have to read the code from the DNA coding strand.

ON Target

Q.   Can teams bring *their own* simple balance, i.e. the one they’ve been using during practices, to the On Target competition?
A.   Yes.   Teams may bring 3 things that are there own.  (we can store them together at the competition and make sure they are available to your team when they need them)

1. launcher
2. simple balance
3. measuring spoon