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No Bones About It

QUESTION: I may be mistaken, but at the initial meeting for this event, we were told that a sample test would be made available for the teams. Is this still a possibility?

ANSWER: “We apologize for the misinformation, but we will not be sending out a practice test for this event. We have not sent out a practice test in the past as is not possible to duplicate the stations. Please be assured that the test questions and format were thoroughly updated to address previous concerns.  We used our resources to check for age appropriateness for 2nd and 3rd grade as well.”

Write It/Build It


I want to know if the kids are allowed to write the object’s name on the paper according to the position of it, but not according to the lines on the paper.


No, they cannot diagram in any way the layout. They can come up with a system, like clock coordinates, to describe with words where the object is placed.

Back to Nature: Geology Rocks

Comment: Question for Back To Nature Event:
Sorry to belabor this mineral table topic, but please indulge me.
Will the provided table be:
(1) completely filled out, and the students are expected to pick a mineral that matches the of classification criteria.
(2) partially filled out, and the students would be expected to estimate the real hardness of a mineral (because it’s not provided on the table).

A. Students will:
1. Test the mineral properties and answer questions about them (e.g. what is the hardness of this mineral?)
2. Once they have determined all the mineral properties, they will use their findings and the provided table (similar to the one in the mineral kit) to identify the mineral.
Using the table in the mineral kit as an example, if a student determines that the mineral has the following properties:
– Color: black
– Luster: metallic
– Streak: black
– Hardness: less than 2.5,
 then the mineral will be graphite.

Pasta Bridges

Q1: Will students be told how much time is left to build their bridge? Ie “5 minutes left!”
A: Yes, students will be given 5 minutes warning before their time is up for building.
Q2: Who will place the coins into the cup? Students or officials?
A: Students will place the coins into the cup.
Q3: Once the bridge is built, will the entire structure need to be moved to a testing area? Or will the bridge be tested on the desk on which it was built?

A: The bridge will not be moved. It will be tested on the desk on which it was built.


Q: In a previous answer to a question, only the following were listed for length for 2nd grade: Length: centimeter, meter, inch, foot. Is this the complete list or just an example? Are yard, millimeter, kilometer and mile not included for 2nd and 3rd graders?

And for weight only the following were listed: Mass/Weight: gram, kilogram, ounce, pound. Does this mean ton is not included? How about for all others, is the list posted in the WESO website updated?

A: Please refer to the AAPS link included in the event description. This link will provide the information for the grade-level Mathematics.  Following this link will take you to resources pages which gives an idea about what units the student needs to know. Coaches can pick the units appropriate for their students’ grade level.