News and Updates

iRobot: Color codes

Q: In the example questions, under Section C, the color codes are shown but the descriptions of most of them are redacted. Should kids expect to see something like that on competition day or will the names of the actions be visible for students to see?

A: We are going to have questions that will have color codes where the actions/descriptions will be masked/redacted. There will be sticker sheets provided that will have all the color codes with the actions/descriptions on them. It may take some time for the teams to match, peel and stick the correct stickers. It will be much more efficient if they know at least some common color codes. It will also qualify them for a tie breaker if they use markers instead of the stickers.

Feathered Friends: 4th Grade Expectations

Q: Will 4th graders need to know things like behavior, food, habitat etc for the 4th grade bird list only, or also for the common bird list?

A: Students should learn natural history topics such as behavior, diet, and habitat for both the Common Bird List and their grade list. This means a 4th grader would not be expected to know these natural history topics for the 2nd or 3rd grade bird lists.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah: Bottom Clearance Guideline (1 ft height rule).

Q: How strict is the 1 ft height rule? For all kids, but younger ones in particular, if they are in violation of a rule like the height rule will the event organizers help them understand what they need to change?

A: The only “clearance guideline” which we will enforce is that only the top hook of the harness can touch the zipline; no portion of the cable car should touch the zip line (to avoid damaging the fishing wire between runs). We will not enforce the bottom clearance guideline (that the cable car should be <= 1ft in height), but we recommend the students stick to this guideline to avoid their cable car hitting the ground before it passes the bottom photogate.