The Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO) Tournament will be held on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor.

Important note: The registration process has changed for 2019. Registration now consists of three parts:
1) Filling out and submitting a Google Form (linked below)
2) Sending your payment to WESO
3) Nominating a candidate from your school for a supervisor or “key volunteer” position, and having that candidate approved by WESO

Number of Team Members: Each school may form one team per event per grade (grades 2-5). The number of students from each grade is only limited by the number of available slots for events in that grade. Students may compete only at the grade level in which they are currently registered in school. If your team wishes to do so, homeschooled students in your school area can participate with your team.

Head Coach: Each school must designate a Head Coach who will serve as the contact person for WESO. All official correspondence and updates will be emailed to the Head Coach or made available on the WESO website. Head Coaches will be responsible for distributing information to the school’s respective event coaches, parents, and students. Schools may also designate one Co-head Coach and request that they also be added to the Head Coaches email list.

Event Co-Supervisor/Key Volunteer: Each school is required to nominate at least one Event Co-Supervisor or Key Volunteer. This individual must be available throughout the school year to work with the WESO Board in the planning and execution of the tournament. The Event Co-Supervisor or Key Volunteer must be available to set up their areas of responsibility on the afternoon/evening of May 10th and work the day of the Olympiad, May 11, 2019. and may be asked to attend meetings or presentations before that date.

We prefer that Co-Supervisors have previous experience coaching Science Olympiad teams and familiarity with the field or scientific knowledge about their event. The WESO Board will select, approve, and provide help to assigned Co-Supervisors. Open positions will be listed on the registration form and can be found here.

Your submission is considered a nomination; final Co-Supervisor and Key Volunteer assignments will be made by the WESO Board. Every effort will be made to assign the school’s requested assignment.  In the event that the school’s first choice is not available, teams should be prepared with alternate choices.

Fundraising Raffle Items: Each school is required to provide items for the fundraising raffle with a value of $50-$100. Details will be provided at a later date.

Release Forms/Photo Permission  and Emergency Contact Information: Each school is responsible for collecting:

  1. Release of liability form, which includes written permission for photos to be used in WESO publicity: The WESO board will collect these forms approximately 2 weeks prior to the competition. All participants do not have to agree to be photographed, but that information is needed so that photographers can avoid those that prefer to not be in photos. Those Olympians will need to have a red dot on their nametags on the day of the Olympiad.
  2. Emergency medical information card for every participant: Head coaches must have these with them on May 11. To maintain participant confidentiality these forms will not be collected by the WESO Board but need to be accessible in the event of an emergency.

Volunteer Certification/Clearance: All volunteer coaches working alone with school children in AAPS schools must be cleared/approved by their district. AAPS volunteers must fill out and turn in to their school office a copy of the AAPS Criminal Background Check form. Volunteers working in non-AAPS schools should follow the process defined by their school/district. Do not send forms to the WESO Board or to the Balas Administrative Building.

Tournament Volunteers: Each school is required to provide one volunteer for every 3 student participants per grade for the days of the Olympiad. If any grade level team exceeds 25 students, you will be asked to provide 1 additional volunteer for every 2 participants greater than 25. The list of these volunteers is to be submitted by early April 2019. Volunteer shifts will be 2-4 hours, depending on the area of assignment. More details of this process will be announced.

Registration Deadlines and Fees: The completed Google Registration form is due by November 18, 2018.  Only schools from Washtenaw County may register. Preference will be given to returning schools, and spots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. So that we can prepare the most efficient schedule possible, we ask that you please only register grades for which you are sure you are able to field a team.

Fee Structure: $100 per school (includes one grade registration), plus $25 per additional grade entered. For example: The registration fee for a school participating in all grade levels is $175; For a school participating with only a third grade and fourth grade team, the registration fee is $125. Need an invoice? A template can be found here. Download it and fill in the fields for your school as appropriate.

Orientation: There will be a WESO 2019 Head Coach Orientation meeting on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Please save the date! The registration form has more information.

Mailing Address: After completing the online registration form, you will be invited to join a Google Group for Head Coaches. After you join this group, you will be given an address to which to send your registration fees.

First Time Registering? If you’d like to sign up as a WESO school, and you haven’t registered before, please contact us so we can discuss your school with you before your registration.

And finally, please be patient as you go through the registration steps. After you’ve filled out the Google Form, it may take a few days to hear from us.

Click here to go to the online registration form.

Welcome to WESO 2019!