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2nd and 3rd Grades
1-2 participants each grade

Participants will build and fly paper airplanes for distance, time, and accuracy.


Event NameGradesTeam Size
Aerodynamics2-31-2 students
Back to Nature4-51-2 students
Barge Building21-2 students
Circuit Wizardry4-51-3 students
Estimania2-51-3 students
Feathered Friends2-31-2 students
GENE-ius4-51-3 students
Gravity Racer2-31-3 students
iCompute4-51-2 students
In Bloom2-31-2 students
Map Reading2-51-2 students
Mystery Architecture2-51-2 students
No Bones About It2-31-3 students
On Target2-51-3 students
Pasta Bridges2-31-2 students
Photon Phun2-52-3 students
Potions4-51-2 students
To Infinity and Beyond2-51-2 students
Water Rockets3-5See event description for team sizes
Write It, Build It4-52-4 students
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah4-51-3 students



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