To Infinity and Beyond, accommodations for visually impaired student


One our students participating in To Infinity and Beyond  is legally blind (low vision 20/225).  Practice starts next week, at which point the coach might have a better idea how it’s going for him. But, in the meantime, do you have any advice or experience in terms of accommodations for the visually impaired on this event. I imagine the written test is straightforward to accommodate, but wonder about the planetarium portion.


Here are some more details about To Infinity and Beyond so you can better understand what situations the student and his/her teammate will be in.
There is a planetarium dome portion of the event where stars and other sky objects are projected onto the dome. Students will be asked to identify these objects (including constellations) and record their answer on paper. A clipboard with a small red light is used during this portion of the event. The red light provides illumination that does not interfere with their ability to see the stars on the dome, that is, they can look at the paper with their answers, and then look immediately at the dome and their eyes do not have to readjust to the light differences. Attached are two pictures taken in the planetarium during the Infinity event.
There is also a written portion of the event that occurs in a classroom under normal classroom lighting. This portion of the test may include diagrams or pictures.
WESO’s policy as far as accommodations for students is that we allow students to use the same accommodations they are provided through their school. For example, if there is an adaptive device the student uses at school, such as a magnifier or electronic device that enhances their vision, they may use that at WESO.
We do ask that Head Coaches give us a heads up for students with an accommodation so that we can prepare if needed, and can let supervisors know about it.
We hope that helps you with your question. Let us know if you would like further clarification on the details of the event.
The WESO Event Committee