Teams and Practices; Background Checks

  • Q: Does WESO have a stance on whether coaches can hold practices in their homes?
    • A: No
  • Q: Does WESO have insurance for coaches and team members?
    • A: No
  • Would a school district or WESO be liable for accidents at home practice?
    • WESO would not be liable. Contact your school district for their answer to that part of the question.

In general, WESO does not dictate where or how to run your practices. It does not require a certain method of student registration or team selection – each school determines its way of doing that.

WESO does require photo and liability waivers for all students participating in the WESO tournament. See the Forms and Documents page for a copy.

Finally, we strongly encourage all Ann Arbor public school coaches to fill out and turn in the background check form (found on the Forms and Documents page), and we encourage non-Ann Arbor public school parents to find out what their school’s policy is on background checks and follow it before conducting practices.