Schools must provide Baked Goods

Q: At the Pioneer walk through, it sounded like individually bagged chips/crackers could be provided for the 3 dozen items donated by each school. Does WESO want individually wrapped baked goods or are snacks acceptable?

A: Schools are required to provide 3 dozen, individually wrapped baked goods, no peanuts. We count on the baked goods to supplement items that WESO procures for sale, such as the snacks you mentioned. This allows us to have a variety of items for everyone to enjoy.
Some fruit will be provided for sale by WESO – we will not accept fruit donations. 
Comment: Do individually wrapped baked goods need to be purchased as such, or can we bag our own donations? Are home made items accepted?
A. You can bag your own goods, and homemade items are most welcome. All must be peanut-free.