Gravity Racer

Q: Apologies if I’m misunderstanding but does the gravity racer kit include the vertical board with 3 adjustable heights? If not, are these heights known in advance?

A: The vertical board comes with sets of hooks at 9, 17, and 26 inches high. This roughly corresponds to ramp angles of 10, 20, and 30 degrees. WESO provides 1 ramp to each school. If you don’t have one currently – please reach out to your school’s head coach.

Gravity Racer

Q:  I am coaching Gravity Racer. I received a ramp/launcher that does not have distance marks on it. The event description says it will be marked in 10 cm increments. How are the lines labeled? Are they labeled from the top of the ramp? from the bottom? starting/ending at the plastic or the end of the actual board? A picture might be helpful.

A: The first marking (110) is 10 cm from the top of the ramp. Distance marks count down each 10 cm from that point. Please see photos below.

Gravity Racer parts


I just received the Gravity Racer kit from last year’s team. I was preparing to distribute it to this year’s team and I have a bit of a problem. I have two different Tupperware containers with LEGO piece and wheels inside. However, they don’t contain exactly the same pieces. I am now unsure which one to distribute. Is there someone that can take a look at them to help me to answer that question?


A list of Gravity Racer parts, as well as other materials that have been distributed to schools, can be found on the Forms and Documents page through the link “WESO-supplied materials”.