Gravity Racer

Comment: In Gravity Racer, each team has 10 minutes to build a car, is one member of the team to build the car or is required for every member of the team to participate in the building of the car?

Answer:The team will be together when the building is happening , they can work cooperatively in any way they choose. They should come in with a plan in mind.

Gravity Racer ramp – lines

Q:  The ramp we were given for practice does not have marks or lines on it. I would like to add them so the students have the best practice experience possible. The ramp at the training meeting also had no lines so I have not seen what the actual competition ramp would look like.  I know the lines are supposed to be in 10cm increments. Do they go all the way across the ramp? Do they start exactly 10 cm from the top? Would it be possible to send a picture of a competition ramp so we can add lines to our ramp to be as close to that as possible?
A:  A PDF with some pictures of the competition ramp has been posted on the Gravity Racer page.

Gravity Racer

Q. I’m a coach for gravity racer, our ramp was markers lines about every 10 inches or so, the ramp at the tournament is going to have markers like that, right?

A. The competition ramp is marked in 10 cm increments (not inches).

Gravity Racer

Q. I am a coach for the Gravity Racers. One quick clarification so I can help the students practice: where is the racer launched on the ramp? Is this a marked line or can it be chosen by the students for each of their individual launches?

A. Where they start the racer is one of the 2 variables students can use to modify the distance traveled, the other being the angle of the ramp.

Gravity Racer

Q. My wife and I are coaching gravity racer but we couldn’t make the meeting last week, we contacted our head coach and he told us he is going to provide us with the ramp and car kit, but my wife told me there were some teaching material we should also receive from you guys, can you help me?

A.   There is no “teaching material” other than the Event Description, provided on the website. We do not provide any additional teaching materials or workshops for Gravity Racer. We recommend reading the event description carefully, and then feel free to ask additional questions if anything is unclear.