Hang Time

Q:  Are rockets required to use a nose cone?

A:  No.

Q: Are we allowed to tape the parachute directly to the payload?
A:  Yes, as it does not alter the payload.  Something like hot glue that could alter the physical or chemical makeup of the payload is prohibited.
Q:  Must the payload be in its own canister?
A:  No

Hang Time, 3D parts?

Q:  Are we able to 3D print parts/components for our rocket or parachute?

A:  No, only tools readily available in an elementary school may be used.  Not all elementary schools have a 3D printer.  From B5 of the Detailed Event Description, “All parts on the rocket are expected to be built by the students with tools used in elementary schools.”

Hang Time payload?

Q:  I am coaching 5th grade.  Can the payload (plastic egg) stay inside the assembly, or do you have to have access to it after launch to take it out and examine it?

A:  As long as the egg can be inspected before the launch to ensure it is a full, unaltered, original egg then it’s okay. It must also be visible/accessible after the first launch if the same assembly will be used for a second launch.

Q:  Does the payload assembly have to stay attached to the rocket at all times. Can the payload assembly with parachute come down separately?

A:  The payload assembly can come down separately from the rocket body.

Hang Time

Question 1:
What is the diameter of the 3rd grade payload bead?  It’s the one item on the “WESO supplied materials” list for Hang Time without a purchase link.
Answer 1:
Approximately 1.5″ diameter.  The inner diameter is 3/8″.  The WESO Supplied Materials list has been updated with a link.
Question 2:
By sports cones, do you mean traffic cone style, disc style, or either?
Answer 2:

Hang Time

Q:  In the guidebook, it says “plastic egg” “must be used for competition.” Does this mean we have a payload that contains a plastic egg? Or are we have a payload MADE WITH a plastic egg? Can I get some visual description of what this means? and perhaps an example of where to purchase or what kind of plastic egg they recommend?

A:  Every Head Coach was given a bag with payloads for their school.  Please check with your Head Coach if you have not received them. Links to the payloads purchased can be found here:  https://wesoscience.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/WESO-Supplied-Event-Equipment-and-Materials-2019-revised-March-2.pdf


Q:  What should be the dimensions of the assembled rocket?

A:  There are no specific dimensions.  The rocket and the payload assembly must be made from materials listed in the Detailed Event Description .


Q:  Can the payload (plastic egg or ping pong ball) be held to the nose cone or the bay with a tape or should it be freely suspended?

A:  That is a team decision, however, note that in the description it says the payload should not be altered (such as, but not limited to, puncturing, piercing, ripping, chipping, etc.)


Q:  Can the payload stick on the ceiling for a few seconds?

A:  No, it cannot stick to the ceiling – this will result in a score of 0 for the launch.  The ceiling is in play only in that the rocket or payload assembly may hit the ceiling.  Any “assistance” by the ceiling will result in a “0” score for the launch. The determination will be made at the sole discretion of the Event Supervisors and their designees (volunteers).


Q:  I’m coaching 3rd graders and 5th graders in Hang Time. I have a recollection that only the 5th graders take the quiz on the day of the competition, but I don’t see it anywhere in my notes, so I’m wondering if I’m not remembering correctly. Do all grades take the quiz? Or just 5th graders?

A:  All grades take a quiz.  The quiz will be different for each grade.