Hang Time

Hang Time – Does the room where Hang Time event is held have a drywall ceiling or false ceiling? Will the ceiling have anything to protect from the payload/rocket hitting it?
The HT room has a false/drop ceiling with spaces between levels of tiles, in a step fashion.  The ceiling will not have anything covering it.

Remember that the ceiling is “in play” only in that the rocket or payload assembly may hit the ceiling.  Any “assistance” by the ceiling will result in a “0” score for the launch. It would be ideal if the rocket / payload does not touch the ceiling at all.

Hang Time

Q1. For Hang Time: Is hot glue allowed in the construction of the parachute? I understand it is not allowed for rocket construction as it can change or weaken the chemical make up of the bottle. Thank you.

A1. As written, the Detailed Event Description allows glue but forbids the use of hot glue and super glue.  We will take this under advisement for future revisions of the event.  In the mean time you can still use white glue, tape, sewing, etc to construct a parachute.


Q2. I’m coaching 5th grade Hang Time, and my students wanted to create an anchor (basically a weight made out of clay) on a string that would trail behind the rocket, pulling it down and away from the payload at a certain point in its flight. Would this violate the rules surrounding kinetic and potential energy that govern the event?

A2. The rule referred to in L7 talks about the energy to *launch* the rocket and is written to ask participants to avoid external sources of thrust.  There is no upward force (thrust) to be gained from a clay anchor.  This idea does not violate the rules but we would caution you to test it thoroughly as any sort of extra strings hanging off the rocket could potentially get caught up in the launcher and cause a launching malfunction.

Hang Time

Comment: Hang Time – The rules say that the payload can hit the ceiling. Does that include the rocket assembly too or does it mean than only the payload detached from the rocket assembly can touch the ceiling.

Answer:  Per the Event Description “The ceiling is “in play”. In other words, if the payload hits the ceiling, timing will continue. However, if the payload gets stuck in or on the ceiling the launch will count for a time of zero.”

The ceiling is in play.  The payload discussion above is just an example.  It is equally applicable for the rocket too.

Hang Time

Q:  Can the payload be surrounded?

A:  As long as the payload is not altered, and the inspection team can inspect the payload, teams can create a delivery system for their payload.

Hang Time

Comment 1: Can a fishing swivel be attached to the payload (ping pong and Easter egg) with a tape. The parachute will be tied to the fishing swivel.

2. For the 5th graders can play dough or some weight be placed inside the egg?


Answers: 1 Yes, a fishing swivel may be attached to the payload as long as it does not alter the payload.  Something like tape is fine but using something like hot glue that could alter the physical or chemical makeup of the payload is prohibited.

2. Yes you can put something inside , but you cannot alter the payload itself.