Computer information

Computer information for the iCompute event:

The computers that the iCompute teams will be using during the event are iMac desktops running High Sierra OS (10.13) with single button mice (some might have scroll wheels).  The computers will be on with the Scratch program already loaded. Scratch runs essentially the same on Macs and PCs. Multiple volunteers will also be present in the event to assist teams should they have any issues with the computers. Please keep in mind that we have been running this event for 4thand 5th grade for several years without any issues with the teams interfacing with the hardware.

iCompute – computers?

Comment: I just found out to my surprise the computer available during the competition will be a Mac, PC’s are more common than Mac’s. I’m assuming then the hardware questions will be general to the point that the architecture either Mac or PC is not going to be relevant? I’m not familiar with the Mac’s internal architecture, I’m teaching front bus and northbridge – southbridge… Thanks

Response: (iCompute 2,3) The Basic Computing section for 2nd and 3rd grade will look at hardware and operating systems more generally and will not contain questions that are operating system specific.

Response: (iCompute 4,5) Section A questions are drawn from the primary resources (highlighted in red) on my website. These may refer to any operating system. Section A questions are drawn from the primary resources (highlighted in red) on my website. These may refer to any operating system.

iCompute/ 4th and 5th grades

 Q.  Do students need to know about multiple sprites and different instruction sets per sprite? (Q and A said No. However the example given in the event description will require multiple sprites being used.)
–> Yes, Scratch projects may require multiple sprites.
Q. Are students expected to setup background themselves?
–> Yes, they may have to.
Q. Will Section 3 programs need to sense and avoid obstacles?
–> Yes
Q. Will a function block be provided to reset positions and variables, or does the team have to write their own code to do so?
–> Function blocks are not required but students may use them.