Comment:For icompute, in the scratch programming part, how are the team members supposed to discuss ideas? Will they be allowed to talk aloud? Will they have to whisper? Is the room supposed to be quiet throughout the event?

Response: Teams are allowed to discuss during the project. Unless it gets very loud and/or bothersome to other teams, they are expected to collaborate throughout the event.

iCompute change

Q: What version of Scratch will be used for iCompute?

A: Scratch 2.0 will be used for iCompute in the 2019 Olympiad. Although we anticipated and stated version 3.0 would be used this year, we are not able to use this version due to compatibility issues. We apologize for the change. We understand the interface is different between versions 2.0 and 3.0 but the functionality is similar. Given the choice between using 2.0 and cancelling the event, we are opting to hold the event using Scratch 2.0


Question: Hi The Section C of the iCompute event description indicates the following One programming activity using Scratch 2.0 offline editor, 30 points total, based on the following breakdown: “10 points for a correct algorithm that uses proper programming constructs” Question : Does the algorithm have to be written separately on paper or is this a verification of the program flow. Can you clarify what is expected thanks
Response: The algorithm does not have to be written separately on paper.

I Compute

Questions:  Our event coaches for Icompute were not in place yet at the time of the coach’s meetings in Feb. We were wondering if there is any information that was shared at the meeting that could be passed along to them. They have reviewed the information on the website, but it is such a broad body of information that without a study guide, they are unsure where to focus their practice sessions. Any advice we could give to our coaches would be appreciated!
Response: Coaches should focus on the links highlighted in red on the website.


Questions: I am going to be coaching iCompute for 4th grade Emerson students and was hoping to have some basic information provided. I just volunteered since they were unable to find a coach so I missed any previous meetings. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Answer: All relevent information can be found at https://emunix.emich.edu/~krish/iCompute/