On Target

Comment: Hi! I’m coaching On Target and have a question about the rules – my kids have discovered that they would rather not make fins for their rockets – are they required? I was unable to find an answer online …
Lemme know! Thanks!

Fins are not required

On Target

Question: The Detailed Event Description under “Rules” does not mention that a pencil will be on the event build table. However, a pencil is listed under “Tools” in the coach slides. Will WESO provide a pencil or other writing implement on the competition build table.


Answer: Yes, a pencil will be supplied.

On Target


Please remind us the potential distance range for the target. I seem to remember being told to anticipate somewhere between 100 and 700 centimeters. Please confirm or correct.


Please read through the Detailed event description carefully where you will find under #20

The center of the target will lie on a line that is extended perpendicularly from the center of the front of the launcher. The target will be between 7 and 17 meters from the launcher. The approximate distance of the target from the launcher will be announced no later than three weeks prior to the Olympiad. This value will be announced as a range of plus or minus one half meter. No exact distance will ever be provided. The actual target distance may be different for different grades


You will find this and other important information at the WESO website

On Target- Balance?

 Question: about On Target and the use of a ‘balance scale’- Is a balance scale a two-pan balance scale where students will need to compare masses or a single pan balance scale where students will compare their rocket to a known mass? Sorry If this addressed in the coaches meeting that I missed- Thanks!

It is a “two pan” (actually two paper clip) design. Students will want to create their own reference mass if they want to use it effectively.

The event supervisor is finishing up putting together the balance kits this weekend. Schools that do not yet have any available will be able to get them next week.