Scoring Results ?

Q:   Are the previous year’s winning scores published? If not, why? For example: what were the top scores for aerodynamics for the year 2018?
A:   Yes, we reveal summary statistics for the events.  We disclose the winning score, 5th place score, honorable mention cutoff, average, median and standard deviation in scores for each event in each grade.  This information is sent to head coaches in the week after the Olympiad, along with their school’s rankings in each event.  In response to a question to the head coach mailing list, the 2018 summary statistics were resent to the head coaches on March 18 of this year for the benefit of our new schools and those new head coaches who did not have the info passed on to them.   Note this information is more useful for some events where it is based on a physical calculation (i.e., how close to the mark in On Target) vs. a test which changes in content and number of questions.  Note also that some events change their scoring metric (as Aerodynamics did this year), or implement a rule change which may affect the distribution of scores.