Pasta Bridges

Q1: Does all of the pasta and/or marshmallows have to be used?
A1: No.

Q2: Can you give some dimensions of the cup?

A2: The cup is similar to the 250 mL plastic beaker from the Potions kit. Dimensions are approximately 6 cm wide by 10 cm tall.

Q3: If a hand incidentally touches the inside of cup during loading is that a disqualification?

A3: No but the students may not intentionally touch the cup or hold the cup in any way.

Pasta Bridges

Q: Can kids build bridge directly on wooden piece instead of build on table and move on wooden piece? I am just worried when they are moving on wooden piece it might break.

A: Yes. We highly recommend that the students build their pasta bridge directly on the wooden bridge supports.

Pasta Bridges, sticky hands?


Q: In pasta bridges, What opportunity will the teams have to wash their hands during the build phase? The marshmallows are very sticky and hard to clean.
A: There will be wet sponges and paper towels for the teams to use to wipe off their hands during the build phase.

Pasta Bridges- height ?

Q: The supplemental guide for pasta bridges states that “The beaker containing the load will sit on the highest part of the bridge.” Are the bridges allowed to include trusses, or are they typically just flat across like the example shown in the guide? Would the truss be considered the “highest” part of the bridge?

A: Bridges can be any design and may include trusses. Whatever the design, bridges must be at least 2.5 cm high and 2.5 cm wide, and the beaker containing the load will sit on the highest part of the bridge.

Pasta Bridges

Q1. Can we build onto the loading cup and then attach the cup to the bridge? For example, can we attach pasta and marshmallows directly to the cup and *then* attach the cup/pasta/marshmallows  the bridge?
A: No. Some marshmallows may be used in a position where they will help hold and stabilize the loading cup. Teams cannot build directly onto the cup.
Q2. During competition, when we are adding pennies to the loading cup, can our hands touch the cup?
A: No.