Pentathlon: Multi-grade teams.

Q: We are having a tough time filling our 2nd and 3rd grade Pentathlon teams. Can we merge the two teams to form one 3rd grade team?

A: Yes, a student may participate with higher grades if the student and the coach think it is appropriate. Please remember that a student can only participate in an event at a single grade level.

Pentathlon: Updated Event Description

Pentathlon Event Description Update – There is an updated Pentathlon event description posted.

This update includes the following regarding the type of math problems the students may receive. “The problem may be presented in several formats. Problems may be of the type that require a single solution with the answer written in a designated space, may be a matching type problem or may require them to circle the correct answer. Problems will include instructions and will be of a grade appropriate format.”

Pentathlon: Fractions as answers.

Q: Do fraction answers have to be in the most simplified form to be considered correct? (example 1/6 vs 2/12)

Does it matter whether fraction answers are in “mixed” or “improper” form to be considered correct?  (example 3 1/4 vs 13/4)

A: Unless specifically indicated on grade 4 and 5 questions, fractions will not need to be simplified to be considered correct.