To Infinity and Back

Question: During the initial orientation we were told about a potential practice session at the Pioneer school planetarium. I just saw the schedule on the weso site and there is no mention of it. Just wanted to clarify if the practice session is being cancelled.

Answer: Thanks for being patient! We are trying to work out some logistical issues with the school to see if we can conduct workshops for the kids. We will let you know in a few days about the feasibility of this.

Question: I know the planetarium portion is a team event, is the written test a team event also or is it individual at that point? 

Answer: Yes, the written test is also a team event.

Partners Necessary?

Comment: Will a lone student (2nd Grade) be able to effectively compete in To Infinity and Beyond ?

We are under the impression Infinity and Beyond used to need 2 students to compete. One student holds the red flash light inside the planetarium when the other writes answers.
We do not see such reference in the 2019 Event Description here, but the Summary Description (attached) goes like this
“A team of two students will demonstrate their observational skills in a planetarium or using planetarium simulation software, and be tested on their knowledge of astronomy using a written test.”
Answer: Although we do encourage having a team of students learning and answering together, there is no need for 2 participants, as the clipboard with the answer sheet will have a small red light attached to it. Learning to work cooperatively with a partner is one of the NGSS standards that can be practiced while learning and participating in Science Olympiad.

TIAB, Star Color?, Constellations?

Q1:  I’m trying to figure out if there is a standard chart that will be used when asking the kids about star type temp/color, as there seems to be some variation from chart to chart on the internet.  Do you have a recommendation?
A1 : I think I answered this question already – there is no standard, and no question will be asked that depends on any subtlety of color or temperature.
Q2:  During the planetarium portion of the test, will the constellations have lines or will they be expected to recognize without the lines indicating the shape?
A2 : No lines will be incorporated.

Planetarium for TIAB

Question: I am wondering when the workshops for the kids for Infinity and Beyond will be held?? At what point will we know if the planetarium will be available on the day of competition? This may be an obvious question but, for the planetarium portion of the exam, will the lines be present or will they need to recognize the constellations without the lines/shapes. Thank you!

Answers: As soon as we know the answers to these questions, we will let everyone know. There will not be lines connecting the constellations.

To Infinity and Beyond

There appear to be minor variations from chart to chart for OBAFGKM charts on the internet, where it concerns what color stars are. For example, some charts list Type A stars as white, some list them as blue-white. Some charts list type M stars as red, some list them as orange-red. I understand that there’s probably some room for interpretation, but can you tell me if there’s a definitive chart that you’ll be using to score the tests? Thank you!!
The minor variations will not make a difference. For example, I could imagine asking something like
 – True or False – O stars are bluer than K stars.
 – or, order the following four star types in order of decreasing temperature A, F, M, O
So no subtle gradations of color are required, just a broad brush view of the sequence and that the bluer colors mean higher temperatures.