“Level Up” participation

Q: Can you clarify how it would apply? For example Potions is for 4th & 5th graders. Competing at a level up for Potions would be:

(1) 3rd graders can participate in Potions and compete at 4th grade level and 4th graders can compete at 5th grade level
(2) 4th graders can compete at 5th grade level.

A: Either option is allowable, although we’d prefer that 4th graders compete in the 4th grade Potions event. Please see this FAQ for more information on participating in events at higher grade levels.

All detailed event descriptions are now posted

All detailed event descriptions are available now.

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We will be posting additional materials and/or study guides for some events in the future. We will announce those on this blog when they are posted.

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P.S. The What Went By event description was updated today, and is available on this page.