WESO 2020 Cancellation Notice

Following the recommendations of the Health Department and State Authorities ordering the closure of schools and organizations/businesses to cancel large events, the WESO board has made the decision to cancel WESO 2020. While we know this cancellation will be disappointing to our students, coaches, and volunteers whom have already begun preparing, we must put the health and safety of our community first.

WESO is not planning to make any changes for the 2021 season, so teams can retain and reuse their resources. Head Coaches, please take necessary steps to ensure all equipment and materials are safely stored prior to the end of the school year.

Upon request, WESO is prepared to provide a refund for registration fees. However, if your school is able to forgo a refund, these fees will be applied to our fixed costs and to offset expenses already incurred through distribution of equipment and supplies provided in January and workshops that have already been held.

“Level Up” participation

Q: Can you clarify how it would apply? For example Potions is for 4th & 5th graders. Competing at a level up for Potions would be:

(1) 3rd graders can participate in Potions and compete at 4th grade level and 4th graders can compete at 5th grade level
(2) 4th graders can compete at 5th grade level.

A: Either option is allowable, although we’d prefer that 4th graders compete in the 4th grade Potions event. Please see this FAQ for more information on participating in events at higher grade levels.

All detailed event descriptions are now posted

All detailed event descriptions are available now.

Go to the Events page and click the name of an event to visit its page.

We will be posting additional materials and/or study guides for some events in the future. We will announce those on this blog when they are posted.

If you have questions about events, please fill out the form on the Contact┬ápage, and choose “Events” as the topic. We answer most questions here on this blog.

P.S. The What Went By event description was updated today, and is available on this page.