What Went By/Feathered Friends

Q. At the coaches meeting it was mentioned that What went by will coordinate will feathered friends to come up with uniform rules across the two events. Feathered friends said that it is fine to bookmark and have highlights in the guide, but not fine to write notes in it. However it seems What went by is not allowing bookmarks or highlights (or marking). Am I misreading the rules or are the two events going to differ on this particular rule?
A. In order to unify Feathered Friends and What Went By, WWB will allow highlighting and tabs in their field guides.

What Went By

Q: How will the tie breaker be handled?
A: There will be 2-3 questions about animals not on the list, but accessible in the guide books. These questions are not counted for the regular test and are often not needed.
Q: Do we need to learn anything about reproductive behaviors, number of offspring, mating seasons, etc?
A: Yes, students should be familiar with this information.
Q: Will a ruler be provided on event day (for example, to measure tracks if provided in picture format)?
A: No, this will not be necessary, any tracks will also state this information.
Other Online Resources that may be helpful or interesting:
Michigan ZoomIN – ID Michigan Animals from camera traps (this site also has other IDing projects in Minnesota, Chicago, and Wisconsin that would also include Michigan Animals)

What Went By, animal sounds

Q: This morning I tried finding sounds of different animals using the two websites mentioned in the powerpoint training slides and could hardly find any sounds of the mammals, amphibians or reptiles. Only coyote and then I couldn’t play it because it required Flash player. This is for What Went By. Any tips on how to find the calls/sounds online? Thanks.
A. If you are having difficulty with the online resources previously mentioned, YouTube should help you find animal calls/sounds. One video in particular contains many animals on the list (not down to exact species, but that is OK): Animals of North America – Sounds

Q & A What Went By?

Q. How many questions will be on the test?
A. ~25 questions
Q. What units will measurement be in?
A. Imperial, since this is what the guide books use
Field guide and notes rules: Students should bring their own guide book; limited field guides will be available, but not guaranteed. Pages should not be marked with notes or flagged. Outside notes are not allowed. We suggest coaches spend time helping students recognize the color for mammals and reptiles/amphibians on the page end in the Kaufman guide and the table of contents coloring and quick guide at the front of the Mammals of Michigan guide – this should help students quickly use the field guide for identification.
Range maps: Students should understand whether animals can be found across all of Michigan or Southeast Michigan.
Q. Will spelling affect scores?
A. No, spelling will not affect scores as long as judges can understand what the student is intending to communicate.