WESO 2019 Lost and Found

  • “King Science Olympiad” drawstring bag with water bottles.
  • Blue Champion pullover with light green trim
  • Girl’s long-sleeve sweater with star
  • Jean jacket with light blue hoodie
  • Green fleece Lands’ End pullover
  • Red hoodie (name “Ian” or “Jan”)
  • Red and gray fleece jacket
  • Dark red fleece jacket with bear graphics
  • Drawstring lunch bag with cooler pack, pita bread, etc.
  • Earbuds
  • “Academic Games” notebook (name “Christopher Z…”)
  • Cash found on second floor. State the amount to claim.
  • Car key fob – Ford

To claim an item, fill out the “Contact Us” form.



Academic Check-in timing (and a repost about tournament logistics)

Q: How early should students check in for their events at the tournament?

A: Teams can check in as early as 15 minutes before their event start time. We recommend at least 10 minutes early if possible. Students can check in up to the start time of their event, but doing so means they may be late arriving to the event. At least 10 minutes early is strongly recommended.

Here’s another plug for the tournament logistics document. It’s filled with helpful information, including a building map.