To Infinity and Beyond, WESO 2019 Orientation to the Pioneer Planetarium

Wednesday evening, May 1st
Pioneer High School

5:30-6:00     2nd grade student competitors

6:10-6:40     3rd grade student competitors

6:50- 7:20   4th grade student competitors

7:30-8:00    5th grade student competitors

These workshops will be held in the Planetarium for student competitors ONLY! Parents and coaches should come prepared to wait for your team members outside in the hall. 

The presentation will be grade level specific with the purpose of helping the students to get used to how to orient themselves so that they can identify objects they see in the sky-dome.
The planetarium is located on the second floor of PHS close to the 7th street doors (West). 
Parking is available at the other end of the building by the Flagpole entrance (East),close to Main Street.
The entrance is on the 1st floor, so you will have to use a stairwell to get to the 2nd floor. 
We will have a few people helping in the hallwayto direct you to the Planetarium.
 It is a long walk, so please plan an extra 10 minutes before the workshop is
scheduled. As with most planetariums, once the room is darkened late participants will not be admitted.
The WESO Board

Back to Nature: Geology Rocks

Comment 1: For Geology Rocks, the event description says “location of the epicenter using triangulation.” Are the students expected to understand how that happens or will they actually be finding the epicenter using seismograph data?

Answer: Students should be able to locate the epicenter given records from three seismographic stations.
Comment 2: Another coach asked how many questions would be on the Geology Rocks test. I can’t find the original question, but it was posted a while ago. Anyway, Serena’s answer is:
Answer: Between 18-25

Map Reading

Q: I saw that 3rd-graders will need to list what map they used in addition to answering the question. What if it is an answer that they know without using a map? Will they have to list the map that the answer would be on, or will there be another code they could use to show that it was just an answer they know.

A:In order to receive the 1 point for the map question they will need to list which map was used.

Zip A Dee Doo Dah

Q:   For Zip a dee doo dah, does the ping pong ball need to stay in the carrier just between the photogates? (ie, if the ball falls out after hitting the end of the zip line, is that ok?)

A:  Yes, the ping pong ball needs to stay in the carrier just between the photogates. If the ball falls out after hitting the end of the zip line, that is ok.