How do I receive updates, news, and other timely information in my email inbox?
Subscribe to our website by entering your email on the right side of this page and clicking “Follow WESO”. We strongly encourage every parent and coach to sign up.

I have a question about the rules for an event. Can I contact the event supervisor directly?
No. Coaches should fill out the Contact Us form and choose “Event” as the topic. The question will be forwarded to the supervisor. Questions and answers will be posted to the blog.

What is the difference between a Coach, Head Coach, and Supervisor?
A Supervisor defines the rules for an event, works with the WESO Board to stage, plan, and operate the event during the tournament.

A Head Coach is the primary contact for a school. He or she recruits coaches, organizes practices, and other logistical efforts on behalf of the school. A Head Coach can also be an event coach. Your school may have more than one Head Coach if you wish.

A Coach is a person, often a parent, who coaches a team of students for a specific event, such as Estimania or Barge Building. Events can have more than one Coach at a given school, and more than one school may share a Coach if they can arrange it. A parent may coach more than one event if he or she wishes.

I’m not sure if I know how to be an event coach. What are the best ways to engage students and present materials for an event? 

Please watch our “How to Coach” video. It’s full of good advice and ideas to help you get the most of your practices.

Does WESO return written tests to students after the tournament?
Written tests will not be returned to schools. However, team scores, placements, and other statistics are sent to school Head Coaches after the tournament so teams can see how they performed.

Can I bring my own food to the WESO tournament?
Food sales at the tournament is WESO’s primary fundraiser each year. We ask that you do not bring your own food, but rather purchase it on site. We will have pizza, drinks, and snacks – something for everyone.

How can I make arrangements for a student who has an accommodation need?
Fill out the Contact Us form to let us know about your student’s accommodation need. We will get back to you soon.

I want to donate fruit or vegetables for sale as snacks on the tournament day, but I read that schools are not supposed to bring them. Why not?
Due to health department rules and regulations, vegetables and fruit have to be processed and served in a specific way. We can’t ensure we will handle and serve these foods properly, so we will not be accepting them as food donations.

What are WESO’s sources of income, and how is that income spent?
WESO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and is a 100% volunteer organization from top to bottom.

Other than a nominal entry fee for each school, WESO offers materials, workshops, and the tournament itself free of charge to all participants. We rely on the generosity of our sponsors for monetary and in-kind donations to keep WESO running each year. Please visit our Sponsors or Donate pages for more info.

Can I donate to WESO?
Yes, you can! Please visit our Donate page.

How is the date for WESO chosen?
WESO is an independently-operated, non-profit organization dependent upon community partnerships for its viability and success. Pioneer High School is one, if not the only, location large enough to host WESO in its current form, and AAPS is gracious to provide us with the venue. A vibrant high school has many events throughout the year, and the 2nd weekend in May has become the most consistently available weekend for the Olympiad. Understandably, AAPS must wait until the internal academic year calendar is set before officially committing to an outside organization such as WESO.  WESO posts the date of the Olympiad as soon as an official arrangement is confirmed.

Can my student compete in a grade higher than the grade in which she is enrolled?  
Yes, as long as your school agrees to it, and it fits in your schedule. Please visit this page for more details.