Brief Descriptions

Click here to download a list of brief event descriptions.

WESO 2022 Event List: Click on event name to access detailed event description, event coach meeting materials, and any supplemental event materials.

Team Sizes

Click here for a list of maximum team sizes for each event. 

Equipment Supplied to Schools

Click here for a list of all the materials WESO supplies for schools along with links on where additional items may be purchased. If you have are unable to locate an item WESO has supplied to your school, please reach out to us for assistance.

WESO Policy on Gifts to Schools

WESO is committed to supporting all participating schools. Part of this support comes in the form of equipment, supplies and/or study materials needed to prepare for some of the events. These items are gifted to the schools when a new event is introduced that requires such materials. Some materials are consumables and are given to the schools each year. Other items are replaced periodically in order to provide schools with new equipment. 

WESO keeps a record of the materials given to each school. Once these items have been gifted to the school, it is the responsibility of the school (Head Coach, PTO or school administration) to ensure that these items remain in the schools possession and are maintained appropriately. If a school misplaces WESO equipment or materials and needs those items replaced, they may purchase these items from WESO or WESO will direct the school to the appropriate vendor for which they can directly purchase a replacement if available. School Head Coaches should contact WESO for further assistance if replacements are needed. 

We encourage schools to maintain an inventory of WESO supplies and develop a system for tracking these items each year. WESO operates with a limited budget and we are unable to replace equipment and supplies beyond what we have budgeted to distribute in a given year.