Grades 4, 5
1-2 participants each grade

Participants will be tested on their knowledge of basic computing concepts, including hardware and software, their understanding of how computers solve problems, and their ability to create a simple program.

Final Detailed Event Description – added 2/19/2023

Event Coach Meeting Presentation Slides

Event Coach Meeting Q & A

Link to Event Coach Meeting Recording

Notes about Scratch: We had several questions about the version of Scratch which will be used during the iCompute event. Please see the notes listed below.

  • iMacs with Scratch 3.29 will be used for the iCompute event.  
  • As per the tech team of AAPS: ‘All student Chromebooks have Scratch 3.0.65.  The Chromebook needs to be logged into with the elementary school students account only. They should see the orange logo on the doc. If they do not see the app the device may need to be power washed. Click here for power wash directions.
  • For any access issues, please contact the AAPS tech team.