Q. I have only one 5th grader for potions. Can he compete solo?

A. Yes.  He may compete in Potions solo.  The Event Description allows for “1-2 competitors”.


Question: For Potions, we just realized that we are missing goggles and gloves. We are happy to purchase some more, but is there a specific place/vendor we should look to get them?

Answer: Safety goggles and gloves can be purchased from any company selling science products or from amazon (where it is often cheaper).

New and Updated Event Resources Available; Hang Time Team Size Correction

New and Updated Event Resources

There are numerous new (or updated) coaching and educational resources available for the following events:

On Target
To Infinity and Beyond

Check each event page for more details.

Hang Time Team Size Correction

Our Events pages previously indicated there could be 1-3 participants for Hang Time. These pages have been updated to reflect the correct team size of 1-4 students.